Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Up and Up" by Coldplay

Sometimes I wish that MTV still existed the way it did in the 80s. But then I remember that is what the internet is for these days, playing music videos when you’re in the mood for such a thing. And there are some great examples of that art-form still around. Like Coldplay’s latest, “Up and Up.’

Like a lot of Coldplay songs, “Up and Up” is optimistic. Some—who have decided that cynicism is the attitude of cool kids—pooh pooh Coldplay for that outlook. But for me as someone who struggles with a natural cynicism, Coldplay is just the sort of injection of joy that I need.

And the message may feel a little too optimistic. It IS a little naïve to think that humanity is on the road to solving all our problems. If there is hope in the world (and the signs are there for those with eyes to see) it is in spite of humanity and its baser, sinful nature. We need all the help we can get.

But beyond the message of the song or its happy, sing-along melody, there is the wonderfully imaginative video. A great marriage of the art of music and film. Vania Heymann presents us with a series of visuals of the world, humanity, and current issues in such a way that rip us out of our normal perspectives. We see everything in a different light.

Most of the time, that is exactly what we need.

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