Monday, May 2, 2016

Assurance in True Trust (John 10:22-42)

The Jews again try to get Jesus to plainly say that He is the Messiah. Jesus counters that He has already been clear enough with His message and the signs that He has performed. The only reason the Jews who still doubt are not seeing who He really is is because they do not belong to Jesus.

This is a strong theme in the Gospel of John. Jesus came to His own. In part, that is His people—God’s chosen people—the Jews. However, it is narrower than that, for His own rejected Him. Jesus came to rescue His flock, the people whom God had prepared. They are the ones who demonstrate faith. We have repeatedly seen in John that there are two types of faith. One that is empty and merely based on people chasing after benefits and comforts. Real faith is a trust placed in Jesus for more than what we receive.

Jesus’ sheep hear His voice. They recognize His message. They see their own shortcomings and their need for a savior. But they also see Jesus for who He is. He is the savior that has come to heal our rebellion. And, perhaps most importantly, Jesus’ sheep follow Him. They go where He leads and do what He tells them to do.

In one of the most amazing teachings of the Bible, Jesus next talks about the security that people who respond to Him in real faith have. We are His people. No one can tear us from His grasp. And even greater than this assurance, Jesus teaches that the Father has us too and we have the double assurance that we are safe in our trust in Him.

But, the sad truth is that there are people who do not hear Jesus’ voice. Even deeply religious people. They go so far as to hate Jesus because He does not validate their ideas and opinions of God. Even in the face of all the good Jesus had done and the truth that He spoke, they sought to kill Him. To this day, simple trust in God and the humility to follow His lead is too much for most.

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