Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just another Day

The news I saw today was dire
Twenty four hour cycles of the worst of humanity
Not really transmitted to inform or for clarity
The signs all said the end was nigh
All they really want to do is sell a dose of panic
Urge to buy an unneeded thing rather than not have it
I saw the news today, oh boy

Mongering violence carries the day
A black spot transited across the sun
Prejudice and hate are what made us great
Venerated icon of choice, a gun
St. Helens is charging, shaking again
An Allahu Akbar leaves Minga stunned
I’d love to show you hope

Woke up to bird’s song praise
Said a prayer opened the shades
Got the kids off to school
Walked the dog as coffee brewed

Enjoyed the breeze, flowers and trees
Spring is wild with birds and bees
Got to work reading the Word
As it spoke I saw more clearly

The truth I know today is good
Everyday life shows us moments of serenity
There is beauty there if we only have eyes to see
Yes things may not be as they should
But the One I trust is in control and I’m not frantic
Hope is real and it helps me cut through all the static
I saw the truth again, oh joy

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