Friday, January 9, 2015

My Four Andrae Crouch Selections

I can’t say that I have ever listened to Andrae Crouch much, and I really didn’t listen to a lot of Gospel growing up, but I have listened to a lot of his songs. His song writing is some of the best and most influential in Christian circles. And I do love his style and his sound. From my limited exposure to his music, here are my 4 favorite Crouch songs:

It Won’t Be Long 


A song about the hope that awaits us away from the suffering of a fallen world. I prefer this one slightly to “Soon and Very Soon”

Jesus Is the Answer 


This one was always a favorite of mine as a child, and the Gospel is still the answer to all the problems we face today.

My Tribute 


This is a lot of people’s favorite. It tends to go over the top and the challenging nature of the song paradoxically places the focus on the singer, which is the opposite of what the song’s intent is. That being said, it is a beautiful text.

I Don’t Know Why Jesus Loved Me 


This is my favorite. And, the version in this video is really fun too.

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