Thursday, January 8, 2015

Haute Cuisine

A few years ago I wrote a little post about the three best meals of my life. I have eaten a lot of great meals, some memorable and some less so, but these were the big three. I ended 2014 with an experience that requires an amendment to that earlier post.

Some dear friends invited us to join them at U Emy Destinnove, a restaurant in Prague owned and run by a mutual friend of ours, Chef Steven Trumpfheller. It was my first experience with true Haute Cuisine.

Up until now, I had always been befuddled by this sort of meal. Tiny portions of fancy food. What was the appeal? Well, I may have been converted. This was the best meal I have had in my life.

We arrived at six and worked our way through 5 courses, all small portions of exquisite food. Each course had about 15 to 25 minutes in between, so that at the end of the meal we were satisfied but not stuffed, and four hours had flown by amidst conversation and wonderful atmosphere.

The funny thing was, each course had things on it that many of us would have never ordered. Brussel sprouts, scallops, and one of us didn’t like fish, but one of the main courses was Halibut. Then there was the veal, which was described by the women as “mooing.” (I corrected them, “bleating” was the appropriate term for veal.) And yet, each course was perfect. It turns out, when food is prepared to perfection, it is good. Even Brussel sprouts.

So, if you are ever in Prague—and you can secure a reservation—I recommend U Emy Destinnove. And as far as Haute Cuisine is concerned, I will look to repeat the experience again soon.

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