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I Peter Outline

I Peter Outline

I. Greeting
a. “Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ.” 1:1a
b. To: Aliens, foreknown, through sanctification, to obey Christ. 1:1b,2

II. New Birth, New Life.
1. We have been born again to a living hope.
a. Hope and Joy amidst trials. 1:3-9
b. The announcement of salvation. 1:10-12

2. So we should live our hope fully.
a. Be Holy 1:13-16
b. Be Reverent 1:17-21

3. How do we live with holiness and reverence?
a. Obeying God’s Word every day.
i. The living and abiding Word of God. 1:22-25
ii. Long for the pure Word of God. 2:1-3

b. Offering spiritual sacrifices to Christ, the Living Stone. 2:4-8

c. Belonging to the fellowship of God’s people 2:9,10

d. Conducting ourselves to God’s glory. 2:11,12

e. Showing submission and respect with Jesus as our example
i. Submit to authorities and institutions. 2:13-17
ii. Submit to authorities and masters, even in suffering. 2:18-25
iii. Wives should submit to their husbands. 3:1-6
iv. Husbands should honor their wives. 3:7
v. Submit to one another in unity, love and humility. 3:8-12

III. Hope in Suffering
1. Christ’s example of suffering.
a. Suffering in doing good. 3:13-17
b. The Example of Christ. 3:18-22

2. Our life in light of suffering.
a. The Gospel changes our way of thinking, living. 4:1-6
b. Be self-controlled and love. 4:7-11

3. Expect suffering, and blessing. 4:12-19

IV. Concluding Exhortations
a. Elders should lead as examples. 5:1-5
b. Overall, with humility. 5:6-11
c. Closing words. 5:12-14

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