Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I get a bit tired of all the complaining about the snow on facebook.

My favorite book of all time gets it right about weather. We all start out loving it, but learn to hate it with time, especially kids who are not allowed to go out in it. I have noticed my children developing this dislike, in regards to snow. We have had one of the longest, darkest, coldest, and snowiest winters in Germany this year, dating back to the late 1800s. My kids will get up, look out the window, and howl in rage at the daily flurries of snow! I can hardly imagine myself having a similar reaction as a kid. Of course, Germany does not do “snow days” but all the same. I love snow.

We all started out cheering the white world we were treated to back in October, and then in earnest beginning last December. By the eve of April and Easter Sunday, however, we have all gotten a bit tired of the stuff. It is a bit thrilling to be able to say we have survived the darkest winter in over 40 years, and the coldest March since the days of the Wild West, but we all long for spring.

Then, Easter Sunday night I popped my ear-buds in playing “The Easter Song” by Keith Green, put the dog’s leash on and set out to do our twice daily routine. It was snowing as it had been off and on all day, week actually. But somehow the size of the flakes, the lilt of their fall, and the magical effect the street lamps had in highlighting combined with the music and reminded me of how much I love, love, love weather. Especially this sort of weather.

I cut our walk short, headed back to the house and had my kids get dressed. (They were all in their PJs ready for bed.) We took a quick family night walk down the avenue. It was special.

I want my kids to keep loving weather.

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  1. Remind the kids that I re-read The Long Winter every summer; couldn't survive this drought in the desert without it.

    Also, I Love this conversation from That Hideous Strength

    "don't you like a rather foggy day in a wood in autumn? You'll find we shall be perfectly warm sitting in the car."
    Jane said she'd never heard of anyone liking fogs before but she didn't mind trying...
    "That's why Camilla and I got married," said Denniston as they drove off. "We both like Weather. Not this or that kind of weather, but just Weather. It's a useful taste if one lives in England." [or Texas or Punta Arenas, Chile]
    "How ever did you learn to do that, Mr. Denniston?" said Jane. "I don't think I should ever learn to like rain or snow."
    "It's the other way round," said Denniston. "Everyone begins as a child by liking Weather. You learn the art of disliking it as you grow up. Haven't you ever noticed it on a snowy day? The grown-ups are all going about with long faces, but look at the children --and the dogs? They know what snow's made for."
    "I'm sure I hated wet days as a child," said Jane.
    "That's because the grown-ups kept you in," said Camilla. "Any child loves rain if it's allowed to go out and paddle about in it."


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