Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Around this fan’s house the weekly experience with “Doctor Who” has gone from: exciting-appointment-television-watched-as-soon-as-it-is-available, to something-that-we-get-around-to-watching-eventually. Mostly this season we have only seen our fears strengthened, and they are not the sorts of fears one is seeking with this program. It used to be said of “Doctor Who” that it was “behind the sofa” viewing. It was a fun sort of creepy. Now we fear that the show is going to let us down.

This week’s episode was set up as being one of the truly scary episodes. Comparisons were being made with past thrillers like “The Empty Child,” “Blink,” and “Midnight.” It was anything but. It was actually quite boring and the story was the fluff that we have come to expect lately.

That was the worst of it. This whole episode existed so that the Doctor could ask the “emotionally psychic” character about Clara. That in itself ended up being a waste of time. Let’s hurry up and get this whole Clara mystery behind us so that we can get back to creative, interesting story-telling on a weekly basis!

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