Monday, April 1, 2013

2 Timothy Outline

[As Always, a work in progress.]

23 (1). II Timothy 1:1,2

I. The Charge: Endure in the Call to Ministry

A. Thanksgiving for Timothy’s Faith
24 (2). (II Timothy 1:3-5)

B. The Charge to Endure 1:

i. “Kindle Afresh” the Call
25. (3). (II Timothy 1:6,7)

1. “Kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.”

ii. The Call to Ministry, Described
26 (4). (II Timothy 1:8-14)

2. “Do not be ashamed of the testimony of Christ.”
3. “Join with me in suffering for the Gospel”
4. “Retain the standard of sound words.”
5. “Guard… the treasure which has been entrusted to you.”

C. Examples Good and Bad
27 (5). (II Timothy 1:15-18)

D. The Charge to Endure 2:

i. “Be Strong”
28 (6). (II Timothy 2:1-7)

6. “Be strong in the grace that is Christ Jesus.”
7. Disciple generationally, “the things which you have heard from me... entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.
8. “Suffer hardship with me.”
9. “Consider what I say.”

ii. “Remember”
29 (7). (II Timothy 2:8-13)

10. “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead.”

II. Contrast: Faithful Teaching vs. False Teaching

E. The Charge to Teach 1: Conduct

i. What to Teach; What to Avoid
30 (8). (II Timothy 2:14-19)

11. “Remind [others] of these things.”
12. “Charge them… not to wrangle about words.”
13. “Present yourself approved.”
14. “Avoid empty chatter.”

ii. The Illustration of the Vessels
31 (9). (II Timothy 2:20,21)

F. Conduct Compared

i. The Conduct of a Good Leader
32 (10). (II Timothy 2:22-26)

15. “Flee from youthful lusts.”
16. “Pursue righteousness.”
17. “Refuse Speculations.”

ii. The Conduct of False Teachers
33 (11). (II Timothy 3:1-9)

G. The Charge to Teach 2: Content
34 (12). (II Timothy 3:10-17)

18. “Continue in what you have learned.”

III. The Ultimate Charge: “Fulfill your Ministry!”

35 (13). (II Timothy 4:1-8)

19. “Preach the Word.”
20. “Be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exort.”
21. “Be sober.”
22. “Do the work of an evangelist.”
23. “Fulfill your ministry.”

IV. Concluding Remarks

37 (15). (II Timothy 4:9-18)
38 (16). (II Timothy 4:19-21)
39 (17). (II Timothy 4:22)

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