Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Revelation?

Mankind was created in the image of God to have a relationship with God. When sin entered the scene, the image of God and the relationship with God were broken. Man is still a creature in need of that relationship, and the widespread existence of religion testifies to the search for God that has always existed, but on his own man cannot find God.

God must take the initiative to reveal himself to man. In the broken sinful state of man’s existence, it is impossible for him to find God on his own. All man can know is the fact that God exists by the evidence left in the creation, and that this God is supreme and that man is accountable to God. It takes a special act of revelation for man to understand enough about God to reenter the broken relationship.

God has done this throughout history. He has not been content to simply let history progress on its own, but has constantly influenced it for His own glory, to reflect His own purposes. He had this history recorded to paint a picture of His nature. Man can understand God through His actions, and in His own words given to men.

Ultimately, however, it took God becoming a man, living a life on Earth, and speaking for himself to communicate completely Himself to mankind. This special revelation was also recorded, and together as the Bible, these records show man his need for God and how to be reached for God.

Revelation enables man to reenter the relationship without which man is incomplete.

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