Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top (25) Anticipated Films of 2013

Here is a first attempt to list the films that look the most intriguing to me for 2013. First, 20 in chronological order by release date in the US, then the top five right now:

(Updated October 2013)

“Mama” Andreas Muschietti 

This Guillermo Del Torro produced feature from the director of a really creep short film stars one of my favorite actresses of the moment.

“John Dies at the End” Don Coscarelli 

I think this will end up being terrible, but the themes being tackled here are intriguing and Coscarelli is too crazy for film. He’s like a poor man’s Gilliam.

“Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” Tommy Wirkola 

Had this one on my list last year, and its delay makes me nervous. But it still looks cool and was filmed in my neck of the world.

“Stoker” Park Chan-wook 

This film is by a director I have wanted to catch up with for some time now, and it looks like a thinking person’s horror.

“Jack the Giant Killer” Brian Singer 

Another hold-over from last year, but this one looks pretty good.

“Oz the Great and Powerful” Sam Raimi 

This one looks like a must see for Sci-Fi fantasy geeks.

“Oblivion” Joseph Kosinski 

I really love “Minority Report” and this one will probably be nothing like it. One can hope.

“Epic” Chris Wedge 

This is my most anticipated animated film for the year.

“Now You See Me” Louis Leterrier 

A fun looking caper from a director I like with stars I like.

“After Earth” M. Night Shyamalon 

Should we really give Shyamalon another chance?

“Man of Steel” Zack Snyder 

This is my most anticipated Super Hero film of the year.

“World War Z” Marc Forster 

Zombies have become the overdone subgenre of horror, but they have a lot of potential to address important topics. This one looks like it might end up being a brainless action.

“Monsters University” Dan Scanlon 

If we get a third lesser Pixar in a row, I may have to stop anticipating these films.

“Much Ado About Nothing” Joss Whedon 

A little film from a great writer filming material by an even greater one.

“The Lone Ranger” Gore Verbinski 

I enjoy Verbinski every time he makes a film...

“Pacific Rim” Guillermo Del Torro 

...And Del Torro so far as well, but this one has me questioning.

“R.I.P.D.” Robert Schwentke 

This film from the guy who brought us “Red” looks to be even stranger.

“The Wolverine” James Mangold 

I am ready to see a vision of Wolverine from the guy who brought us “3:10 To Yuma,” “Identity” and “Kate and Leopold.”

“Mr. Peabody and Shermon” Rob Minkoff 

I really liked the TV show.

“Jack Ryan” Kenneth Branagh 

I will watch any Ryan story and any film made by Branagh, so bring it!

5. “Elysium” Neil Blomkamp 

This may be the most anticipated Sci-fi film of the year. Blomkamp’s first film tried to say something important. It didn’t quite pull it off, but maybe this time he will.

4. “Warm Bodies” Jonathan Levine 

This Zombie film looks like it will be wearing its message on its sleeve.

3. “The World’s End” Edgar Wright 

The team that brought us “Shawn of the Dead” is back!

2. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” J.J. Abrams 

I think I am finally ready to declare Trek better than Star Wars. This film may seal the deal.

1. “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Peter Jackson 

Maybe I ought to revise this list later today, depending on what I think of the first installment in this story.


  1. Loved The Hobbit. They showed many previews-many of these you have listed, and most I had never heard of. I had heard about The Lone Ranger, and it looks so good.

  2. OK. Saw the first installment and I will leave the sequel at the #1 slot. Good stuff!


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