Monday, December 31, 2012

NonModern in the New Year

For five years now, NonModern has been a discipline. It started out as a 5 day a week practice, but for the past 14 months (with one exceptional day last June) it has been a daily push. All of that is a good thing, and pushes me to be active in areas of my life that are valuable to me: critical thinking, being active rather than passive, and forcing myself to write, among others. What it does not automatically do is discipline me towards excellence.

Most of what I write her represents mere minutes of effort a day. This is not my job, after all. There are almost no examples here that are anything more than a first draft. That is probably apparent.

For 2013, I am going to relax the rhythmic discipline of NonModern. At most, I will be returning to the 5 day plan, but more than likely there will be many times where that does not happen. I will still throw down many unfiltered thoughts, but I will also make an effort in other areas of writing discipline this year. All of that will hopefully mean better content, but definitely less overall posting.

At the same time, I crave more interaction with readers, and for readers to interact with each other more as well. There is now a facebook page dedicated to the blog. Please like it and use the wall there as well as the comments section here to participate in this conversation.

Here’s hoping this is an improvement…

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