Monday, November 26, 2012

"The Devil and the Drunk" (Story pt. 3)

Part 2

The voice startled me. There, on the bench next to the park, sat an old woman. "Why not? What's so bad about this park?"

"What park?"

"This park right here! Look around, vieja, you're practically sitting in it!"

"I see no park."

"Turn around!"

"This is not a park but a resting place for The Dead."

"A cemetery? You've had more than your share of pisco tonight." I could smell the alcohol from where I stood several feet away. "Besides, there isn't a church in blocks."

She looked into my eyes with surprising clarity for a drunk. "I never said it was holy ground, girl. There are far older things in this world than the Catholic faith."

Just then, some boys up the street yelled towards us, "Ball!"

I turned in time to see a ball rolling past me down the street. I had to run a ways before I could stop it. Throwing it back towards the boys, my aim was off, and I sent them down the street in the other direction chasing each other more than the ball.

Turning back, I saw the woman several blocks away, winding her way as straight as she could stumble. I looked at my watch and went on my way.

Part 4

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