Saturday, November 17, 2012


Spiders can be revolting and scary, but if you let yourself get close, they can also be beautiful. They are really very beneficial, and some of my favorite animals. I even spent a whole semester in college studying them. Here are some of my favorites:

8.Widow Spiders Latrodectus 

You have to like this genus. It is one of the more visually striking, as well as being one of the few deadly spiders.

7. Triangulate Cobweb Spider Steatoda triangulosa 

Similar to the widows, only miniature and harmless.

6. Crab Spiders Thomosidae 

These are the evil looking spiders that hang out on flowers a lot, and they can change their color.

5. European Garden Spider Araneus diadematus 

Large orb weaving spiders are always impressive. These are common around Europe. It is especially fun when one lays her egg sack in your window box. Thousands of baby spiders are an experience!

4. Argiope Spider Argiope 

Another very large orb weaver, the Argiope genus is also always amazing visually.

3. Golden Orb Weaver Nephi clavipes 

Of all the large web weaving spiders, these are perhaps the largest and prettiest, and they are not as commonly encountered.

2. Jumping Spiders Salticidae 

This whole (huge) family of spiders is my favorite. There are thousands of varieties and they are all, well, cute.

1. Daring Jumping Spider Phidippus audax 

Of my favorite family of spiders, this is my favorite species. They are very common, but fun. For a spider they are almost cuddly. They make for fun pets. Give one a home in a jar and feed her the flies you find around the house and you are in for some entertaining hunting. They are the cats of the spider world.

[Pictures from Wikipedia]

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