Tuesday, November 6, 2012

24 Hours Hence

As this post is published, we are about 24 hours away from knowing the results of the latest United States Presidential Election. And it can be confidently said that at that time, no matter the results, nothing will be different.

I do not say that simply because both of the candidates are essentially part of the same big government machine; not because America will carry on as it has for decades in spite of all the doom and gloom predicted by both sides; not because the cultural decay has progressed so far and the generations looking for a hand out are so firmly in control that any realistic hope of positive change is foolish; not because neither side has any plans to address the biggest moral embarrassment the United States has faced since people thought it was alright to own other people as property; and not because I place my hope in one candidate or the other.

24 hours hence, God will still be in control and that is why nothing will have changed. I will have no greater reason to hope as a result of what happens today; neither will I have any reason to fear. Unlike so many, I know that the future of my homeland does not lie in the hands of any electorate. Tomorrow I will pray for my President, whatever his name may be.

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