Thursday, September 22, 2011


What is the better endeavor: to do imperfectly, or to just be an expert?

An example may clarify. Take the realm of blogging.

Someone may decide to be a blogger. They may write regularly and consistently. Whether they are good or not will depend on your point of view. They may have a huge audience or they may have only a handful of readers. Still, it is partially a matter of opinion how good of a blogger they are.

On the other hand, a “blogger” may decide to go about learning about the craft before beginning. They may even learn everything there is to know about blogging and what makes the most successful blogs. If they never write a word and publish it, they may be an expert in some fashion, but they are not a blogger.

In all of life’s endeavors there are experts and there are doers. Experts need not actually do the activity they study. They may even have a huge amount of knowledge based on other’s experiences. Still, most people that become experts about something start out with a love and affinity for the subject. In that case, it is a bit of a tragedy that knowledge and expertise can keep someone from doing. There is often a fear that the knowledge will not prove accurate if put to the test, or that we will not be good enough to measure up to the achievements we see from others.

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