Saturday, September 17, 2011

1980 in Film

1980 and 1981 are weak years in my own personal film experience. I simply have not seen as many films beginning in these years and going back in film history. In earlier years that translates into fewer poor films as those tend to not stand the test of time, but for these early 80s year I have simply seen very few films. After these two years I will limit myself to listing top films of decades:

Top Personal Films of 1980:
 (*) The Empire Strikes Back (The one released in 1980 as seen by me in theaters, not the many adulterated versions released since.)
1. The Gods Must Be Crazy
2. The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark
3. Private Benjamin
4. Superman II
5. The Blue Lagoon
6. Stardust Memories
7. Airplane!

Worst or Most Disappointing Films:
-5. Popeye
-4. Friday the 13th
-3. Aligator
-2. Altered States
-1. Ordinary People

Films I Still Want to See from 1980: 
Berlin Alexanderplatz
The Changeling
The Shining

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