Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Buffy Rewatch (Season 5d)

This post is inspired by the ongoing Buffy Re-watch being conducted over at Nik at Night. Check them out for a better, more detailed look at each episode every Tuesday.

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The last few episodes of season five feel a bit like one long storyline. This is not so uncommon these days, but back at the end of the nineties this was still pretty novel. “The X Files” had pioneered telling an overarching story during a season, and Buffy had followed suit, but season five had very few stand alone episodes and these last ones are a sprint to the finish line.

18. Intervention

Buffy finally finds a way to approach the source of her power and discovers that: “Death is your gift.” She will misinterpret this message right up until the very end. Meanwhile, Spike has commissioned himself a “Buffybot.” Hilarity (and revulsion) ensues. However, Spike proves himself by standing up to Glory to save Dawn.

19. Tough Love 

Spikes resistance only serves to buy the gang some time and Glory quickly returns for the next person she thinks might be the key. She chooses Tara but quickly sees she is not the key. When she leaves Tara insane, Willow goes very dark, magically speaking, and we get a glimpse of just how bad the magic problem has become. At the end of the episode, Glory finally discovers that Dawn is the key.

20. Spiral 

Buffy decides the only option they have is to run, but the religious warriors fighting Glory try to destroy Dawn to defeat Glory and Giles is injured. Buffy calls Ben in to help, not knowing that he and Glory are sharing a body. Dawn is taken and Buffy gives up in defeat.

21. The Weight of the World 

A catatonic Buffy thinks that she has killed Dawn because death is all she has to give. Willow convinces her to keep fighting, only for them to find out that she does have to kill Dawn to stop Glory.

22. The Gift 

What we have all suspected for ages now finally dawns on Buffy. Death is her gift in the sense that she can die for those she loves, not that she is good at killing. Buffy and co. are able to stop the threat by killing Glory, but the gates to the hell dimensions have been opened and only Dawns death can shut them… or the death of Buffy, whose blood the monks used to make Dawn in the first place. Buffy sacrifices herself to save the world, again.

This was a good season, but not quite as good as the first three. The promise that it showed early on delving into more spiritual and philosophical areas fell a bit short in the end. That being said, the idea of self-sacrifice to save others is a good topic to explore and is more and more prevalent in our culture these days. It is a good reflection of the truth that is found in the greatest story ever told, even though it falls far short. Still, it can serve as a springboard into greater and deeper ideas…

Once again, here is an incredible trailer from BuffyverseTrailers:

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