Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts on ABC’s Fall Lineup

A couple of shows being debut this fall were introduced to bloggers last week that deserved a mention here where we try to think about pop-culture and art in the context of Biblical truth.

The first of these is coming from some of the people behind the hit series “Lost.” “Once Upon a Time” looks like it will be another interesting look at reality and a larger truth beyond what we normally perceive. Even better, it will tap into types and patterns found in fairy tales to explore these issues.

On an even more personal level, it is exciting because something about the trailer harkens back to a wonderful series during the mid-eighties from Chile entitled “La Invitacion.” In it a group of people were isolated at a resort where mysterious pasts were slowly revealed and all the characters discovered they were all tied together by a terrible crime.

The other one is not quite as exciting. They are intending to reboot the old “Charlie’s Angels” series from the seventies. Now, the old series is a real guilty pleasure for this writer, and not due to the “jiggle TV” trend that it started. For a kid during the eighties who dreamt of becoming a P.I., the old show managed to be truly suspenseful, mysterious and even scary at times. (Just check out the episode “Night of the Strangler,” for example.)

This new series has a notable difference from its predecessor that speaks volumes about today’s culture. The original series featured three girls who were stuck in boring police jobs that were limited due to the fact that they were girls until Charlie gave them the chance to really solve cases and make a difference. In the new series we are treated to three criminals, including a former dirty cop, who are now private investigators. This is a substantial change that really should change the whole tone of the show. It remains to be seen if the writers will use this to comment on issues like redemption and repentance or if it will just be a case of today’s audience rooting more for the flawed anti-hero rather than the good guy.


  1. I didn't know about the La Invitacion connection and the fairy tales...hope it will be good enough to recommend to my classes, since folktales are part of what 7th grade studies.

  2. Oh, I don't think there is a fairy-tale connection. I just think that there is a connection here with the whole hotel and the impression you get that people are going to be trapped in one place.


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