Tuesday, May 10, 2011

¿La Verdad o la Perpectiva?

La Verdad from Juan Delcan on Vimeo.

“The truth is that there are as many ‘truths’ as there are individuals in the world.”

This creative animated short promoting a Chilean television station reflects a pervasive flaw in thought. It confuses the idea of perspective with truth. It also makes the false assumption that the many facets of reality allow for limitless, contradictory truths in the world.

Instead, there is a reality that everyone lives in that is bigger than any one perspective can grasp. In fact, it has aspects that are beyond human perception and comprehension. Contrary to the last statement of this video—that truth begins with seeing—much of reality is invisible to human eyes.

To truly grasp much of what really is, we need to accept the testimony of a witness capable of seeing what we cannot. That is much of what faith is all about. Everyone exercises faith in something, even if it is simply something they or someone has managed to imagine. Biblical faith is deciding to believe the word of the One who brought reality into existence. And while faith by definition is believing what cannot be completely proven, the testimony offered in the Bible has been thus far born out.

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