Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Entertaining Experts or Daft Draft Divinations

Living in Germany you often are slightly behind the times, at least when it comes to popular culture. Sometimes this can lead to some real entertainment, as it did last week during the NFL draft.

By the time ESPN America began running the “draft prediction” shows the decisions had already been made. So, sitting in front of the TV with results in hand, I laughed again and again as the “experts” made their predictions and told us what was going to happen in a few hours time. They all pretty much stunk at prognosticating.

Let’s face it. We can not see into the future. Stock brokers, Las Vegas, and climatologists are all just educated guessers (or con-men with political agendas in the case of the later.) We simply can’t help ourselves, though. We keep trying.

It is the sign of a good leader, we are told. Leaders set goals and goals involve time-lines and measurable results. If we aren’t careful we can let our plans become self-fulfilling prophecies and miss out on something better that wasn’t allowed to happen because it did not fit into our predictions—sorry—plans.

In our circumstances (involving a company that strives for equal treatment of all employees—and rightly so, but international treaties rendering certain policies useless) we often feel compelled to “map out” our future terms of service. We look for when we have to leave and where kids will be in their academic lives and, before you know it, fifteen years are in the can!

Every once in a while we need to see an “expert” completely embarrass themselves on international television to remind us that we can’t see into the future—and that we could not be in better hands or in a better place than in the call of God’s will.

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