Monday, April 19, 2010

2 Corinthians 8,9 (Notes on Giving)

Once again, the Macedonians (Thessalonians and others) prove to be a great example. In spite of their hard times, they demand to be allowed to give to others. They are used here as an example to spur the Corinthians on to fulfill their own plans to give.

This is not really a passage commanding that the church give. It comes across more as a reminder of the vision that the church in Corinth had. They had made plans to give and committed to do so. Now, Paul is recasting that vision and reminding them to make the preparations to fulfill it when he comes.

Paul sends Timothy and others to help make sure that the job gets done. This is a good and timeless example for churches all over when it comes to leadership. We always need reminding and encouragement to stay on track.

Verse 6 of chapter 9 my look at first glance like some formula for success. It is not. Biblical teaching says that Christian giving is to be done as each individual feels led and out of joy. There is no formula or level of mandatory giving. Jesus and Paul consistently teach that everything we “have” is God’s and we should use all of it for His glory.

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