Monday, April 26, 2010

2 Corinthians 10 (True Spiritual Combat)

A lot of people are enamored with the idea of spiritual warfare. Or perhaps it would be better to say that they are enamored with the popular idea of spiritual warfare. They like the idea of imagining the world in a Frank Peretti mold, or they tend to see an evil spirit behind every rock. They love to go out and engage in confrontations with local spirits in prayer or some other spiritual activity. A better version of spiritual combat is portrayed here by Paul.

In verses three through five, Paul speaks of “taking thoughts captive,” of tearing down strongholds. It is warfare in the realm of ideas. That is a more important thing than most people realize.

Oh sure, there are very real spiritual entities in the world, but the Bible teaches that they are not something that we directly engage. That whole passage about the armor we have; it is a defensive arsenal. And just because someone does something bad does not mean they have a demon sitting on their shoulder that needs to be defeated by us. People’s actions reflect their thoughts. Change the way they think and you might change the way they act.

Paul says that our task in this battle is to tear down the false teaching and lies that people are taught and believe. As Christians, we are to be engaged in dialogue with the world and culture around us.

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