Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost Season 5

Lost season five is similar to season 4 in some ways. Much like how season 4 showed the audience the events leading up to—and the consequences of—a single moment where 6 survivors manage to leave the island. This season pivots on their decision to return. However, unlike season 4, here we experience a lot more than that. In spite of the playful way in which it was presented, season 4 was a simple story. Here deep, deep issues are explored. In Christian terms, we are asked to consider the paradox of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will.

Any story involving time travel has to address the issue of the paradoxes it creates. J.J. Abrams took the (by today’s standards) normal route of quantum mechanics and alternate universes with his latest take on Star Trek. Here, the creators of the show have a somewhat unique take on things.

It is not as simple as the story-telling process that Lost’s writers seem to have used for the show. Have a plan and adapt things as they go along. This is also not the way God’s sovereignty works. He is not a God who adapts His plan to accommodate man’s choices. And yet, free will is a reality at the same time. How does that work?

Here in the lost universe, we have several characters that have been sent back into the past. They are told that “whatever happened, happened,” that they can’t change history. Still, they have the ability to choose how they will live. Confronted with this knowledge, some of them take the “Hyper-Calvinistic” approach to life and don’t act. They figure they can’t change anything, so why do anything. Others, however, embrace the fact that while they cannot change the past, the still have a role to play in it and choose to do what they see as right.

Of course, as things proceed to the climax, events occur and plans are proposed that leave us all with many questions leading into season 6…

This is an exciting concept to think about. In many ways, Christianity teaches this very idea. God is in complete control of time. We cannot change the way things will play out. However, we have a responsibility and a freedom to choose what we will do with our lives. We are still active participants in God’s plan.

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