Saturday, February 13, 2010

1984 in Film

(Updated 8/16/16)

1984 was the year I left the United States. We spent that first year in Costa Rica learning a new language so we didn’t see too much in the theater. Of course, at 11 years old I had not seen a lot of stuff in the theater anyway. However, this was the year that I had my very first experience of going to the movies without my parents. It was a big moment. I was especially proud of myself, that I made it through that first movie—a horror movie—without freaking out. As time went by, I learned that Ghostbusters is not exactly the horror movie I had thought it was.

Top 10 Personal Movies of 1984
1. Amadeus
2. A Christmas Carol (TV)
3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
4. Die Unendliche Geschichte (The Never Ending Story)
5. Karate Kid
6. Ghostbusters
7. The Muppets Take Manhattan
8. Terminator
9. Cloak and Dagger
10. Blood Simple.
11. Frankenweenie

Bottom Personal Movie of 1984
1. Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure

Top Movies I still Want to See
1. Blood Simple (seen 2015)
2. Once Upon a Time in America (It was on the TV in the room when my wife was in labor with our third child, so that doesn't count, right?)


  1. I STILL hate Temple of Doom, the WORST of the Indiana movies...oh, wait, I was forgetting that awful LAST one!
    I had totally forgotten Cloak and Dagger; so fun!

  2. Caravan of Courage!! Wow...not a memorable moment of cinematic history, which is why I'd completely forgotten it till you mentioned it :(


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