Wednesday, May 6, 2009


When I was a kid, eating in the school cafeteria, there was a practical joke that you had to watch out for. We had those saltshakers with the screw-on lids, and if you weren’t careful, someone would loosen the lid and wait to see who would use it next. If you were the unsuspecting victim you would try to make your cafeteria spaghetti taste better and end up with an inedible lunch.

Along the same lines, I remember thinking at McDonald’s one day when I was little that, if I liked salt on my fries so much, that one of those little paper packets of salt had to be wonderful all by itself.

Salt is not good in too large a quantity. It is not good by the mouthfuls. It is necessary to life, but not that good for you in large quantities.

In Matthew chapter 5, when Jesus compares people in His kingdom to salt, He did not have this idea in mind, but I think it is still valid. The Church was not meant to be stored in a shaker. When we gather and gather Christians into ever-larger “containers” and just keep all the salt together, we fail to flavor the earth. In fact, we become unpalatable.

Salt is meant to be scattered. As the church, we need to do the same. Spread around and fill up every corner of the world; giving people a taste of something they will want more of.

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