Friday, May 29, 2009

Grillenburg 2009

(A “Twitterized” rendering of the 4th Grade school trip May 25th-29th 2009 to Grillenburg, Saxony, Germany)

Forgot to take any cold medicine before leaving this morning… could present problems.
8:05am May 25th

4 km hike from bus to our hotel ahead of us… I might just faint, it is hot and sunny.
11:00am May 25th

Snickers really does satisfy you!
11:05am May 25th

The Theme song to “Little House on the Prairie” is playing in my head as we cross the fields to our lodgings.
11:55am May 25th

Wetland ecology lesson in an actual wetland. This is the way education should be.
2:10pm May 25th

Why is it Germans feel like sunny days at remote ponds requires one to remove all clothing?
2:30pm May 25th

Rather, why is it Germans over 60 and overweight feel like cavorting naked outdoors? Fortunately (or not) young attractive ones don’t.
2:33pm May 25th

Thoughts on vicious cycles: Why tan in such a way as to leave no tan line if the only time people will notice you don’t have one is when you are tanning?
2:35pm May 25th

It is hot, I am dizzy, and the medicine I took at lunch is wearing thin. I will run out of tissues and I thought 5 packs would be enough.
5:05pm May 25th

Grillenburg has been used as a way station in one way or another for 600+ years!
9:33am May 26th

There are no longer bears, wolves, or Lynxes in the Tharandter Forrest, just foxes.
9:55am May 26th

Glad to hear our guide point out that hunting is needed when an ecosystem has lost all its natural predators. (Wildlife Biology graduate soapbox.)
10:10am May 26th

Tharandter Forrest has been a center for Forestry education for over 200 years!
10:55am May 26th

Life List: Lanius excubitur
11:03am May 26th

Finished “Heart of Tardis” by Dave Stone. As SF goes it is pretty good if convoluted.
2:05pm May 26th

Made rainstickes. Coincidentally as we made them, thunderstorms rolled in.
2:45pm May 26th

Love the storms. Thunder! Cool breeze, not hot sunshine. Wish I could sleep. Hope they stick around until bedtime.
5:00pm May 26th

Life List: Hirundo rustica
5:45pm May 26th

The slugs here in Grillenburg look like the brown “poop-slugs” in Dresden, but jet black. Perhaps “Licorice-Slugs?”
7:30pm May 26th

Finished "Caribbean Mystery" by A. Christie.
10:00am May 27th

Saw a huge nest of Formica rufa or similar: Red Forrest ant. Pine needle mound over two feet tall.
11:04am May 27th

Jonah made a really good T Shirt today… Lego Batman game themed.
11:59am May 27th

Life List: Phoenicurus ochuros a pair with a nest in the barn, 4 hatchlings.
2:04pm May 27th

An intense afternoon of unguided hiking. Life List: Pyrrhula pyrrhula.
5:09pm May 27th

“Disco Night” was a highlight for the kids. Watching them at Disco Night was a highlight for the adults’ funny bones.
11:00pm May 27th

Finished “Small Gods” by Terry Pratchett
10:03am May 28th

Treasure Hunt and Face Cast making on the agenda today.
10:30am May 28th

More Rain, no Bonfire.
6:00pm May 28th

Had a 20-minute break in the rain. Just enough time for our rowboat ride before heading home!
11:30am May 29th


  1. Sounds like y'all had a good time. Curiosity aroused about nudity and your lifelists which need to be translated into Eng for zoology illiterates.

  2. Yeah, Germans are pretty famous for getting naked as soon as the sun starts to shine. They love to sunbathe nude in public. We don't seem to get it AT ALL in Dresden, thank goodness. However, out in the country it is a diferent story. Our group didn't, but the retirees out at the pond did... unfortunately. Lots of loose skin and hanging going on.
    As far as the birds:
    Lanius excubitur= Northern Shrike
    Hirundo rustica= Barn Swallow
    Phoenicurus ochruros= Black Redstart
    The last one is just European, the other two are also in N. America.


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