Friday, May 8, 2009

1986 in Film

In Temuco Chile, in 1986, you paid about two dollars to get into a movie theater. Not only that, but you got to see two features for the price of one. As a thirteen year old, I was beginning to occasionally have the freedom to go to the movies by myself. At the same time, I have no idea how I got permission to attend the one double feature that to this day stands out as one of the best movie going experiences of my life: Aliens and Big Trouble in Little China. I had no idea exactly what I was in for as I entered the theater. Greatness.

Top 10 Personal Movies of 1986
1. The Mission
2. The Great Mouse Detective
3. Labyrinth
4. The Three Amigos
5. Big Trouble in Little China
6. The Name of the Rose
7. Highlander
8. Hoosiers
9. Aliens
10. Crocodile Dundee

Bottom 5 Personal Movies of 1986
1. Howard the Duck
2. Back to School
3. Iron Eagle
4. Delta Force
5. Little Shop of Horrors

Top Movies I Still Most Want To See
1. Peggy Sue Got Married
2. Manhunter
3. Pirates
4. The Mosquito Coast


  1. Hmm...what, did you go with kids at MM?

  2. Nope. I think I went with friends from school.

  3. Love it! I don't believe I was with you at that session, but to this day I have no idea how I got into the session I went to - it was The Fly and Aliens!


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