Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Brain Trust of Mob Thought

To begin with a disclaimer: This is not a pro-gun blog entry. A lot of arguments can be made in favor of guns; all pragmatic defenses of things that are designed solely for the purpose of killing. That is the topic for another entry, probably never found here. This is another complaint about government.

The more democratic a country is, the more knee-jerk its decisions will be. That seems to be a rule of life. Mobs tend to act without thinking. Another rule would be: if government proposes it, it will most likely not work.

Examples abound. A school shooting occurred in Germany this week. A seventeen year old entered the school he graduated from last year and killed over a dozen students. The story has been thoroughly covered here and a lot of information is coming out about the shooter. He had a history of serious mental problems. He used his father’s guns. He warned people on the internet the day before.

The government’s reaction? A new law prohibiting people under 20 from owning guns. That may be a good law, but the point here is… What does that law have to do at all with preventing mentally insane people from taking someone else’s guns and killing people with them?

The other example the past several months has been the governments of the world dealing with the economic crisis. The economy is indeed suffering and a lot of people are hurting. A lot of people and companies are facing the reality of losing everything and starting over.

In the face of this problem, the governments of the world are spending like there is no tomorrow. Has there ever, in the history of humanity, been a stimulus effort that has worked?

It is the equivalent of a fish tank that is running out of water, whose “leaders” are trying to solve the problem by moving the water from one side of the tank to the other.

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