Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are soft and cuddly.
Stuffed animals are so sweet.
Stuffed animals don't like to get muddy.
Stuffed animals are not to eat.

If you leave your stuffed animals,
Out at night,
They might get cold and not like you.
Then they might all rise up,
And get together,
Buy a gun, and some ammo, and ice you.
So make sure you sleep with them,
Under the covers,
And you might want to tie them up tight.
'Cause everyone knows stuffed animals,
Turn on you,
The first chance they get in the night.


  1. Jason!! Really! Did this come before or after Toy Story? Actually, I DID have a "three year old" doll (actual size of a 3yr child) growing up that had blue eyes that caught the light and sort of glowed at night, like the kids in the original "Children of the Damned" movie. Freaked me out. Had to turn her to the wall at night!

  2. I wrote this one in 1998, so after. However, at some point I quit sleeping with SAs as a kid because I always felt too guilty if they fell out of bed when it was cold. It's best just to keep them all shut up tight in a trunk at night!


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