Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Acts: More Antioch (11:19,20)

Who were these men from Cyprus and Cyrene? Will we ever get to meet them in heaven? Whoever they were they were geniuses, but they were probably considered idiots for their day. In those early days of evangelism, people didn’t know much. (They hadn’t even invented the Four Spiritual Laws yet!) But they at least knew one thing… you shared the message of Jesus Christ with the Jews. What were these guys thinking? They tried to share God’s message to Gentiles? Come on!

Of course, they gained notice pretty quick when huge numbers began accepting the message.

Sometimes it is possible to know too much. We have so many methods and books and training modules for sharing faith today. People become a little too intimidated to do something as simple as share something they know. That is all Jesus asked his followers to do in the end. Share what you have learned. Don’t share what you think you should know; share what you do.

In many places today there is an overabundance of knowledge when it comes to knowledge. Everyone knows what doesn’t work. “Don’t do x, y, and z. They won’t produce any results.” The problem is no one knows the thing that will work. Perhaps it is that no one thing will do the trick everywhere. More likely it is that no matter what you do, God is the only “thing” that does work. The dirty little secret is that in places where “street evangelism” isn’t supposed to work, there are successful street evangelists; and in places where people don’t accept things on the street, there are successful scripture distributions taking place.

All that—not to say “do anything;” but at least to say “don’t do nothing” (bad grammar aside.)

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