Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missional Art

It is exciting to see that people all over are thinking along the same lines as Nonmodern. If art in all its forms is the primary form of cultural communication, then it should be used by Christians… who are, after all, commanded to communicate. The history of art is a history of ideas, and primarily ideas about philosophy and religion. The Christian rejection of art as a valid means of expression, other than in the most propagandistic forms, was a sad development in the story of the Church. Things have looked better lately though.

Christianity Today has an interesting article this month about the Overseas Ministries Study Center’s Artist in Residence program. One can’t help but think that this is a largely untapped resource that churches everywhere could use to expand their evangelistic/cultural-engagement ministry to their communities. How cool would it be to have churches everywhere sponsor artists to study theology and produce art that would be presented to communities around the world? Picture a movement of Christian Artists working in all mediums having an impact on our culture like they haven’t done since the Middle Ages!

Of course, it couldn’t simply be a bunch of alternative presentations of the Four Spiritual Laws or some other “canned” presentation of the Gospel. Unfortunately that is what a lot of churches would want it to be. Instead it should be a wide spectrum of thought covering the entire Christian worldview as it speaks to the cultures in which we live. We have such a wide variety of revelation and teaching, and our message has something to say to all the important issues facing society.

Missional Art: an exciting idea that’s time has come.


  1. anytime I see the words "Christian Artist", i get a little crawly feeling over my skin - or actually under my skin ... frankly it gives me the creeps. why can't you be an artist, who also happens to be a follower of Jesus? when you put a tag on that says "Christian Artist", it's almost like you are saying up-front "I'm sorry if this is bad art, but I am only, after all, a 'Christian Artist'".

    no. give me artists who follow the Master Artist, and i could turn Europe on it's head. please do not give me someone with a MDIV who thinks kinkade "paints like a master".

  2. Very much the same position of this Blog, Ewin. When I use this term here, I mean an artist who happens to be Christian--it just takes longer to type that every time. Check out some of the early posts on Christianity and Arts.


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