Thursday, September 25, 2008


Once upon a Tuesday,
With snow all on the ground,
A little boy went out to play,
And roll the stuff around.

But lo to his dismay,
The stuff was much too dry,
So he got the garden hose,
To make it wet and right.

The moment the water hit,
The driveway and the walk,
It froze good and solid,
And gave the boy a thought.

He’d be the next great figure skater!
Win the Olympic gold!
He ran inside to find his roller-blades,
And choreograph the show.

It took a long time to find them,
(Mom had packed them up for winter.)
And by the time he was ready to roll,
He had to wash up for dinner.

About that time, Dad got home,
Slid right through the garage door,
And that’s how Adult’s lack of common sense,
Ends careers for little boys.


  1. Ha ha! This is so funny. Do you write these or where do you get them?

  2. Brilliant. I find myself wondering from time to time what particular future I'm ruining for my kids.:)


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