Monday, September 22, 2008

Acts: Miletus (20:17-38)

Paul chose his topic carefully for his farewell to the leaders of the churches of Asia. He did not leave them with trivial thoughts. Among the things he considered important enough was the issue of false doctrine, and he made sure and tell them to watch within as well as without.

The church needs to take heed of Paul’s warning. It may be the shepherds’ responsibility to protect the doctrinal integrity of the flock, but we should be careful ourselves to whom we listen. More often than not, “pastors” or “spiritual teachers” are the ones leading the Church away from the truth.

The biggest problem with the “internal wolves” of today is: they have such a wide reach. Christian publishing is a huge and crazy industry. We have a whole “ghetto” of a sub-culture that seeks to escape the world and its perceived evils. Part of this is accomplished by seeking out “Christian” replacements to everything the world has to offer. As wrong as this is, it is made worse because this Ghetto Christianity is not discerning. All they require to accept something is to be told it is Christian.

Before you feel guilty about not having read the latest and greatest Christian book that is causing such a stir among your friends, ask yourself: when was the last time you simply read God’s word? Why is the Bible not enough? Before you listen to the latest sermon from that cool guy with the podcast; what did your local pastor preach about last Sunday? He may not be as eloquent or cool, but God has selected him to speak to you. Did what he preach agree with Scripture?

Have you confused your church culture and the resources in your local Christian bookstore with the spiritual disciplines God would like to see exhibited in the lives of His children?

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