Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Can... But I Don't

“I can ride my bike with no handlebars,
no handlebars,
no handlebars.”

Handlebars by the band Flobots is a surprisingly compelling song. (Especially for someone who does not generally like Rap, Rap Rock, or political songs.) It is a bit more eclectic than most rap rock and incorporates non-traditional instrumentation for the style, so it is musically interesting. However, the lyrics are what make this song great.
It starts out seemingly nonsensical. The singer relates to the listener all the silly things he is capable of doing. He can ride a bike with no handlebars; he can take a remote control apart. All the sorts of things a small child would brag about. There is immaturity, but at the same time innocence.
As the song progresses, the singers power and ability grow. Pretty soon he is controlling countries, science, and peoples lives. The immaturity has not changed, but the innocence is gone. Wisdom has not taken its place. This is great ability combined with great naivete, resuting in evil and destruction.
It is the age old case of power and responsibility. How in the world have we managed to avoid destroying our own civilization? Especially in the past century.
America has a responsibility to hold its power in check, which it has (contrary to a lot of opinions) managed to do for the most part. The scary thought is that there are a lot of other countries and groups with sinister ideologies who have access to a lot of the same power. Will they hold themselves in check? If not, what can be done?
Check this song out. The video is pretty good too.
Thanks for the recommendation, Shorty.

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