Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Star Trek Enterprise (Season 2b)

Season 2a -- 2c

Looking back on this bit of “Enterprise” a common theme is that not a lot actually happens. Hopefully, this is the low-point for the series.

Episode 33 “The Seventh” 

T’Pol takes Archer with her on a mission to capture a criminal she was hunting down before she joined the Enterprise crew. She has a lot of angst about the mission (especially considering she is a Vulcan!) and begins to have doubts about her mission once they catch up to the fugitive. Archer’s role in the mission is to deliver a nugget of wisdom at the climax: “You were sent to apprehend him, not to judge him.” In this case that ends up being a good bit of advice, but is diverting responsibility for one’s actions really all that noble?

Episode 34: “The Communicator” 

Reed misplaces his “future-tech” on a planet that is backwards (read present-day Earth). They must return to retrieve it lest it contaminate the culture, and they manage to snafu things up even more. (Unsurprisingly)

Episode 35: “Singularity” 

Venturing too close to a black hole renders everybody save T’Pol an anal-retentive mess—to death, if she can’t get them out of there. I always knew being persnickety could be hazardous.

Episode 36: “Vanishing Point” 

The show delves into the most uncomfortable aspect of the Trek universe: the fact that our characters are regularly killed at a molecular level with new versions being treated as continuations. Even more improbable, we are asked to believe that the majority of this story is a mere hallucination going on in the mind of Hoshi while she is millions of disassembled molecules vaporized on a planet surface (or another set being prepared for assembly on the ship.)

Episode 37: “Precious Cargo”

Some of the creators of the show consider this to be the worst piece of Trek ever aired. It is basically “Spaceballs” without the humor.

Episode 38: “The Catwalk” 

The idea of sticking the whole crew into a small space seemed like a good idea until they tried it. Then it ended up being so boring they had to throw in an action plot point at the last minute.

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