Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Star Trek Enterprise (Season 2a)

Season 1d -- 2b

Season one ends by reminding us that there is an overarching time war storyline that looks a lot more interesting than most of the episodes they have been giving us. It keeps hope alive.

Episodes 26, 27 “Shockwave” 

This is a time travel story. So we know a lot of things are not going to make sense. That is helpful to remember when they end the first season in an impossible to resolve cliff-hanger. Because we know a lot of the resolutions in the second half will not make sense at all. All of that is forgivable because it is a truly enjoyable story. One of the better time travel yarns Trek has done. I look forward to more.

Episode 28 “Carbon Creek” 

Trek has done this before, so we have a strong sense of deja vu throughout. These episodes always feel like they were written by some wide-eyed, college student aspiring to do scifi the way it was done in the fifties. That said it isn’t bad.

Episode 29 “Minefield” 

The Enterprise stumbles upon a mine field around a planet, and the Romulans. However, this is a character piece delving into who Reed is. He and Archer spend most of the episode having a heart to heart about duty, the right way to behave in service on a ship, and the nature of leadership.

Episode 30 “Dead Stop” 

After the damage last week, the Enterprise finds a repair station that seems too good to be true. So, we all know it will be. This is a good, original idea in Trek.

Episode 31 “A Night in Sickbay” 

Archer has another run-in with the species that he so offended last season by eating in front of them. This time, he thought it would be a good idea to take his dog to visit them and the dog promptly pees on a sacred tree. The dog is adorable and Dr. Phlox is very entertaining. So a less than excellent episode becomes quite enjoyable.

Episode 32 “Marauders” 

If you last long enough, every series eventually gets around to doing “The Seven Samurai.” Here, Trek manages a close “Bug’s Life” or possible “The Three Amigos” without intentionally trying to be funny.

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