Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Tepidity that is “Heat” (1995)

I keep hearing the ravings from cinephiles about how great Michael Mann’s “Heat” is. It is even in imdb’s top 250. I like Mann’s films alright, so I decided to finally get around to it. With Netflix, life as a movie buff is so much easier.

Well, as with the other Mann film that I saw earlier this year, I found it competent, even beautiful at times. However, the story was pretty dull and forgettable. One gets the idea that the whole reason this film exists is to pair Pacino with De Niro, and that bairly happens. It is a perfectly nineties esthetic, and on the whole it lacks soul. (Or, as one of the actresses cast in the film put it, it has no morality. That opinion got her the job.)

When I went to my database to enter my thoughts and score the film, I was met with a surprise. It turns out I had watched this film, 14 years ago!

I guess it is, in fact, forgettable!

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