Monday, August 3, 2015

The Role of Scripture (2 Peter 1:16-21)

Scripture is the light of truth that guides people in this world of darkness. By darkness Peter (and the rest of Scripture) means the way we struggle constantly with uncertainty, limited perspective, limited understanding, and reality that is beyond our capacity to grasp. In addition to all of that, that would have us reliant on God for guidance anyway, we have the compounding problem of sin. We have turned our backs on God and decided that we can manage better on our own. The blind, groping around, proud of our helplessness.

We do well to read and follow Scripture. The trick there is to really follow what Scripture is teaching, and not what any self-professed teacher claims it is saying. More on that to come.

For now, Peter reminds his readers that Scriptural interpretation (as with Scriptural inspiration) is possible only with God’s help. No real prophesy is ever discovered or figured out by a person. All real revelation comes from God. All real Scripture was inspired by God. Its correct reading throughout church history has also been assisted by the Holy Spirit. When we read it and hear from God today that is true also.

We can trust the messages and the stories in Scripture because what we read in Scripture is not fiction, nor elaborate fabrication. It is first-hand accounts of things that really happened. God used events and the men that observed them, and God spoke directly to the hearts of men, to compose His message of Grace for all of mankind to read and hear. The Bible is the complete written story of the Gospel, God’s plan to redeem creation.

The story caries on in the lives of those that it changes.

What about new messages, or extra prophecies being added to Scripture today? That is where Peter turns next in his letter…

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