Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thoughts on "Proof"

The new show coming to TVs this month that has me intrigued is “Proof.” It is produced by Kyra Sedgwick, and I really liked her show “the Closer.” It is also a supernatural thriller, and I love those shows and the potential they have to tackle deep philosophical and theological issues.

It is a show about scientists looking for answers where you generally don’t think science has any efficacy—the afterlife. Normally that premise would annoy me. I am pretty disdainful about all those book that purport to tell “true” stories about near death experiences, especially the “Christian” ones. And, I am distrustful of premises that seem to come from the scientism (as opposed to scientific) perspective. However, this one looks like enough of a thriller that I think they will use the premise and the thrills to explore serious issues.

All that said, the last line in the trailer really bugs me.

“You know the trouble with ‘just believing’? It’s too easy.”

That statement is naïve in the extreme. Firstly, the character voicing that opinion is clearly blind to their own bias. If it were so easy to believe, why does she struggle with it? Her position typically comes from those who are too afraid to put their trust in something unknowable. They have to have proof, and therefore cannot rely on faith. Secondly, faith—believing in something one cannot demonstrate or for certain know—is extremely hard. It is quite literally the “narrow way” that few chose to follow. It is by definition, hard.

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