Saturday, June 20, 2015


I believe in magic.

It is dangerous.
It is a risky thing to embrace.
However, it can be beautiful and amazing.
It can be worth the risk.

To conjure is terrifying because magic involves trust, vulnerability,
     and there are no guarantees.
And, real magic requires a life commitment.

In the world we live in today it has largely been lost.
People still play at it, but mostly our culture only knows
     the superficial aspects of magic.
We play with the fun and showy side of things,
     but most never experience the real thing.
We deal in illusions.
We play with cheap imitations.
We don’t believe that real magic exists.

People want the fun without the pain,
     the thrill without the sadness,
     the benefit without the work.
They fail to go beyond the casting;
     fail to lose themselves in the spell.

The most powerful magic is only experienced
     through the mundane aspects.
It is best seen in hindsight, as the moments lived
     are active and occupied.
Where one and one are one.
Where life is created.
The thrills of discovery are most meaningful at the summation,
     the prestige.

Some magic is easy, some is a struggle,
some sees pain, another sees wonders,
but when done right, all magic is amazing and beautiful.

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