Friday, October 17, 2014

Trust and Obey

…or how “evangelism” has almost killed discipleship. 

Too many Christians today believe Jesus died for the sins of humanity in the way that one believes that the earth revolves around the sun. It is a fact that has no bearing on their daily lives. That is not saving faith. Biblical faith involves two actions beyond an acceptance of a fact: trust and obedience. Biblical faith involves betting one’s daily life on the truth of the Gospel. Trusting God to do what He has promised and submission to His Lordship over our lives.

The way we have elevated conversion, or “praying the prayer” to the goal of evangelism has missed the mark. True salvation is the result, not of a verbal declaration of a decision, but the real-life proof that follows. Faith that affects. It is a bit like jumping off a 10 meter platform into a pool. Those “praying the prayer” are declaring their intention to jump. They are climbing the ladder. True faith is seen in the trust and surrender of the leap. We have far too many people today claiming to be believers who are simply milling about at the top of the platform, failing to take the plunge.

We need to be sure we are communicating a complete Gospel. Calling people, not to conversion, but to a life of discipleship, of surrender, trusting fully in and obeying God’s will as they discover it in His Word.

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