Thursday, October 2, 2014

Doctor Who 8.6 "The Caretaker"

Season Eight continue on with a story that, in retrospect, is rather ho-hum. The Doctor combats a highly coincidental threat at Clara’s school, posed by a robot clearly designed for a children’s TV show, that raises no concerns whatsoever.

We are not supposed to care about all of that because this episode is not about the story but rather about the characters. The Doctor will finally meet Danny. Clara’s double lives will finally collide. The problem there is that Danny, Mr. Pink, is not really working. The chemistry between him and Clara is the only thing more unengaging than his character. By the end of this episode we are supposed to think that the Doctor has been won over, but we are not.

The thing that still works here, and that has been saving the season thus far, through good stories and bad, is the banted between the Doctor and Clara. This is some of the best interaction between a Doctor and companion since Donna was riding. Whatever else may be clicking (or not) Capaldi is a joy to watch.

Here’s hoping the stories get better. The netherworld teasers are creating a hype that may be hard to deliver.

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