Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Doctor Who 8.2 "Into the Dalek"

In light of yesterday’s negativity regarding “Breath Deep,” a focus on the positive elements of “Into the Dalek” may be in order:

The Doctor. This promises to be a great Doctor. I for one have liked each of the new series actors better than the last, and I could see Capaldi becoming my favorite if things carry on as he has been portrayed so far. The open here where he is just now showing up with coffee three weeks after the last adventure because he became “distracted” is classic. And some of his interactions with Clara in both episodes have been perfectly executed. (The conversation in the restaurant. The “How much do I pay you?” “You are not my job, you’re one of my hobbies.” exchange. The “Am I a good man?” conversation. And the assistant/carer bit. And so on and so on.) The cold open where the Doctor saves Journey Blue here is great too. He almost comes off as scary.

The Opening. I love the look of the new title sequence, and the music is wonderful. The whole thing has a classic sound and visually it is the most unique take the series has ever seen.

The moral struggle. The Doctor has had this conflict before in the new series. Perhaps every season, in fact. There is a fine line between recognizing the true evil of the Daleks and the precarious prejudice bordering on hatred that the Doctor flirts with in combating that evil. The Doctor may or may not be a good man, but he has dedicated himself to trying to be. The hardest part of fighting evil is avoiding the slippery slope of becoming an evil in the process.

The Questions. This has been Moffat’s modus operandi. Not all of the mysteries he presents get solved in a satisfying or interesting way (or at all in some cases), but they are fun to try to figure out. So far we have several things to watch out for: What are all the chalk scribbles? Who is Missy? Where is this “Nethersphere” of which she is the guardian? Does Journey Blue have anything to do with Danny Pink? Why does the Doctor look like a person from his past?

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