Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Dirty God" by Johnnie Moore

“Dirty God” is one of those devotional, almost an extended sermon, kind of books that intertwine Biblical commentary with personal story, all in an effort to evoke a response. Moore talks about his experiences around the world, thoughts inspired by Biblical stories, and quotes from other writers in thinkers, ultimately revealing his conclusions about the Gospel and the Christian life.

And his conclusions are pretty spot on for much of the book. It almost feels like a collection of pastoral clichés. Stories and conclusions many will have heard over and over again. But that is largely because they are true. The truth about the Gospel is that there are no new discoveries to be written, just tried old truths to be remembered. And, this generation of believers does need the constant reminders that the Gospel is not about rules and it is not about license. It is all about Grace.

Towards the end of the book things steer off into the current trend of many writers and thinkers today, who seem to conclude that a return to this understanding will usher in a world-wide solution to poverty and suffering as Christians everywhere become sold out devoted humanitarians. That may be a possibility, but this reader thinks that is an incredibly small and perhaps misguided understanding of God’s grace and God’s plans.

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