Wednesday, May 14, 2014


(Poetry Scales 8)

No one would ever accuse him of being a gourmet,
but he loved more than anything the feel of giant mouthfuls
of sugary starch churning around in his mouth.
So, what started as a single case of “rescuing” a mostly whole pastry
off the top of a pile of garbage in a bin
(that wasn’t as great as it had looked, but quite satisfying enough, thank you very much)
became a lifestyle choice that supplemented and even saved his budget in the long run.

Now instead of shopping for all his sugar addiction needs
he trolls the alleys behind donut shops and bakeries
subsisting on the rejects, the refuse, and the trash.
Had he been more selective he might have been sad,
but the stuff in the dumpsters is really the same as on the shelves
and he is managing a nice healthy obesity on his new diet.

No one would ever think of him as a great friend,
but he did love to talk at people; and occasional supportive interaction is nice.
So, since his dumpster-diving is less than socially acceptable,
what started with the sense of obligation—accepting virtual invitations
to virtual relationships on trendy web-based networks
(that aren’t as great as had been promised, but quite satisfying enough, thank you very much)
became another lifestyle choice that replaced and even improved his society in the long run.

Now instead of interacting with real people for his relational needs
he trolls the boards of online networks and communities
living to spout opinions, sell exaggerations and lies.
Had he been more honest he might have realized he was sad
but the illusion that people are waiting with bated breath on every post
is better than trying to interact with people who aren’t as obsessed with him as he.

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