Saturday, May 31, 2014

Creation to Restoration 4

Jesus Christ: True Instruction, Power, and Sacrifice

When the correct point in history and God’s plan came; God the Son became a man and lived amongst us. This was the pivotal moment in God’s plan. In Jesus, we find everything we need to find restoration with God:

Jesus Is God’s True Message of Love
Jesus proclaimed the coming of God’s Kingdom. A restoration of the created order that came in Him and that will be fully realized in God’s time. Jesus taught us God’s plan for humanity. The way we are intended to live in God’s Kingdom. The way relationships are supposed to work. The way we can live the life that pleases God. The way we can endure in this broken world while we wait for God to fully repair creation and society. The things to avoid like sin and religion systems of mankind. He didn’t bring a list of rules, but rather a new way to be human.

Jesus Is God’s True Power over Sin and Death
Jesus backed up His teaching with impressive demonstrations of God’s power. The sick were healed, the oppressed were freed. Needs were met, and even death was defeated. Most importantly of all, Jesus forgave sins. People who saw their need and trusted Him were changed. Faith was the trigger. Not the intellectual idea of belief that we think of today, more of an opinion than something we truly believe. Faith is a belief so strongly held that we entrust our lives to it. Surprisingly, people who were unwilling or unable to have such a faith failed to believe what they saw in Jesus. Even miracles fail to convince in an absence of faith.

Jesus Is the Only Effective Sacrifice
Ultimately, Jesus did what the religious system never could. He—the perfect Man who lived exactly as God desired—was sacrificed for the sins of the world. In Him, the full payment for the sins of man was made. We don’t merely trust and hope that God can overcome our problem. He has declared our debt “paid in full” on the cross. In Jesus, our faith has its foundation.

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