Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 6b)

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Episode 9: “Statistical Probabilities” 

Now that we know Dr. Bashir is genetically enhanced, we get a story exploring what other such individuals are like. The answer is, “not socially adjusted.” The fun message here is, don’t trust anyone who claims to be able to tell you your future. The statistical probabilities here claim that no one should make any effort at anything, as everything is basically predetermined. Sort of the way “experts” these days are supposed to be able to tell us the future about sporting events, political outcomes, the weather, and anything else about which one can claim expertise.

Episode 10: “The Magnificent Ferengi” 

The obligatory fun, comedic, Ferengi episode this year is a send-up of “The Magnificent Seven.” It is indeed entertaining.

Episode 11: “Waltz” 

Another DS9 episode exploring the issues surrounding the Bajoran occupation. Dukat is like some of the Nazi war criminals that insisted they really cared for the people in the camps they “had to” supervise. The truth is, he is better at lying to no one than himself.

Episode 12: “Who Mourns for Morn?” 

Another largely comedic caper.

Episode 13: “Far Beyond the Stars” 

This is one of the most beloved episodes of the series, and it is a great exploration of the way science fiction is a powerful influence on culture. It is a bit of a stretch making the story they are wanting to tell fit into the universe and events of Trek.

Episode 14: “One Little Ship” 

Admit it, you have always wanted to see a “The Shrinking Man” story in Star Trek.

Episode 15: “Honor among Thieves” 

O’Brien is forced to go undercover in what passes for the mob, but is conflicted when he thinks the criminals he informs on are good people. Two largely sarcastic nit-pics that bother me about this episode are: How is there a mob in the idealistic future of Star Trek where money is no object? And, how grey is too grey for the audience to believe, especially as it has O’Brien becoming so naïve?

Episode 16: “Change of Heart” 

Here we have a somewhat moving story about the tension between professional and spousal duty.

Episode 17: “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night” 

Another time travel story that does what time travel stories always do: illuminate more about our characters by showing us things that never really happened—at least not until we just saw them happen. Only the events of this episode apparently did as they are referenced back in episode 11, before they happened??

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