Monday, February 10, 2014

Seeing without Seeing (Mark 9:1-13)

The narrative has now shifted. Jesus has been causing a stir, raising expectations. People have been healed and demons defeated, nature obeys Him and He bends the laws of nature. Everything has led people to think that He is surely the Christ. However, now He is talking about His impending death? Could everyone be wrong? Is He not the liberator everyone expected?

Of course hind sight is twenty-twenty and we know how the story goes. Jesus didn’t just stumble His way to the cross; it was the plan all along. But the disciples probably needed some affirmation at this point. Peter, James, and John are given an incredible insight on the mountain. Imagine seeing Jesus in all His divine glory talking to those heroes of the faith!

Peter and co. don’t get it, though. Peter starts babbling about making tents and, even though they hear the voice of God they seem more confused than ever. They probably don’t make the connection until well after the resurrection. And that is how it is with all of us, isn’t it?

We all want to see great signs from God; a movement, a miracle. And, even though what we encounter is likely never on the scale of the transfiguration, we do witness evidence of God in our lives all the time. The problem is that in seeing we don’t observe nor comprehend.

We don’t have the disciple’s excuse. We live on the other side of history. We need to live with eyes wide open to what God is doing all around us.

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