Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kill, Baby, Kill

Guest post by Ernie S. Toopy, Professor of Eisegesis. (All opinions are his own and do not reflect the views of NonModern)

What Would Jesus Do? That is the most important question we can ask ourselves. And, we will find that we almost always have the answer within us, with a little help from Scripture. As believers, we naturally have the inclinations and “gut instinct” to know what Jesus’ approach would be in almost any situation. He was the ultimate good person.

Take the gun control issue as an n example. What would Jesus do? It is almost certain that He would own a gun. Probably more than one. Possibly semi-automatic at that. For those of you pacifists out there, we should probably site a passage before appealing to logic and reason.

It is true that when Jesus sent the disciples out as “lambs among wolves” in Luke 10, that he ordered them to go empty-handed. However, in Luke 22:35-38, as He prepared the disciples for his departure, he told them to go buy swords. Had they had guns in that day, we can be sure He would have had them buy guns.

It is often the world against believers. This is what we were told to expect. Do we expect God to intervene and protect His people, when they could take measures to defend themselves? Could it be that God would allow His people to face a world of violence and danger without the means to defend themselves?

Think about all of the time that has been wasted trying to convince people to believe the name of Jesus. Back in the days the Catholic Church used gunpoint in their efforts to convert the world whole continents were transformed in just a few years.

Some of the most evil powers the world has had to face have only been able to exert their influence after guns were taken out of the hands of good people. On the other hand, it is good, Christian nations with armed citizenry that have been able to hold even greater evil at bay. It may very well be the answer to the world’s problems. Go sell a cloak and buy one today!

…or, maybe that is all crazy talk.

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